Impedance adapter

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Is the volume of your handheld radio just not loud enough?

Want to have more volume?

Get more volume in your headset out of your handheld radio.

Handheld radios have an impedance of 8-16 ohms. A GA headset has 150 ohms.

This helps bridge the gap and the results of the volume increase are astounding!

Testing shows 13-15dB increase in volume, that's approximately THREE TIMES the volume!.

It's completely self powered and requires no batteries. Just plug your headset 1/4" Jack (that's the larger of the two) into this adapter and plug the other end into your radio or intercom.

Check out the two videos below:

Adapter Demo

Adapter Test

****Use with caution as the volume increase is substantial. It's recommended to start with the volume turned down and then adjust to a volume level that allows the radio to be heard clearly over the cockpit noise****

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