QH-111 PNR Passive Headset Black (C.E.P Ready with Bluetooth adapter)

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Brand: QH Aviation

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**** 12 Month trade up: Within 12 months of purchase, you can trade the headset back in with full value of purchase price applied to any headset of greater value, or receive $150 off the ANR and Bluetooth retrofit kit. *

Factory New.

High quality aviation headset with passive noise reduction.

Most headsets come in only 1 color.

QH Aviation offers this one in 8 great color options to showcase your uniqueness around the FBO. These headsets will turn heads!

Super soft, comfortable half gel half foam ear seals for longer flights.

Adjustable headband, good fit, just the right clamping force, suits any head size.

The mic boom rotates 300*, easily adjustable.

Stereo/mono controls.

3.5mm aux inputs.

(Can record ATC and intercom audio via this as well)

Premium noise cancelling electret microphone ensures crystal clear communication every time.

Low-profile volume control knob

◆ GA dual plugs.

◆ Passive Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR):24dB.

◆ Comfortable half gel half foam ear seals

◆ Noise-canceling electret microphone

5 year materials and workmanship warranty.

Bag, and 3.5mm aux cord included.

C.E.P ready. (Communication Ear plugs)

Plugfones included

What are Communication Ear Plugs?

They are exactly what the name implies. They are ear plugs that contain small speakers which allows you the ability to add an additional 27-29dB NRR valued earplugs to provide an exceptional increase in hearing protection without needing batteries and without muting your intercom and radio volume. This type of system is most commonly used in the helicopter industry, and tends to be very expensive. QH Aviation now brings this technology to the General aviation community at a very affordable price.

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