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Do you want a comfortable over the ear headset that is not only packed with features not found on headsets twice the price yet is even lighter on your head?

Do you want the ability to customize to make it your own?

Then look no further.

This amazing little headset comes complete with the ability to power via USB so you never have to worry about changing batteries mid flight. It's also extremely light weight, comfortable and offers amazing value.

Check out the video Here

Lightweight: 7.5oz (212g) on head weight

Dual power: 2xAA batteries or USB-C

Bluetooth: Great for music and those post/preflight phone calls.

Unique: Make it yours buy choosing from a variety of different optional ear seal colors. (Coming soon)

Quiet: Exceptional ANR noise reduction

Backed by a 3 year warranty.

Customer Reviews:

"The headset is very comfortable and light. I am happy that I hardly notice I am wearing it!" -MT

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