QH Aviation Custom Built Headset.

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Want something unique? Something different? Something completely personalized?

I will custom build you a headset.

Hand built in Victoria BC Canada.

Choose your ear cup color.

Choose your microphone type.

Choose your main cable sleeve color.

Choose your crossover cable sleeve color.

Choose your ear seal style.

Choose from Passive, Bluetooth, ANR and Bluetooth.

Extra Passive option includes a 3.5mm jack on the ear cup and a set of Plugfone Protector Earplugs with built in speakers.

Padded bag included.

Passive headset comes standard with mono/stereo functionality, dual 3.5mm aux audio inputs.

More cable color options will be added in the future.

If you want a color that is not listed, please inquire as I can custom paint.

Please contact prior to ordering for delivery timeline as parts stock constantly changes.

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